DC Global Technology enables expertise to global technological powerhouses to administer their goals and objectives. It turns technical challenge into world class products by following customized business processes which adapts the constantly changing technology. We provide unique one stop solutions in the form of renowned business processes services right from inception to maintenance.


Health Care industry caters to the needs of the providers, physicians and patients. It aims to offer access to economical, superior health care facilities including medical, dental, services, and long-term services and supports. Our vision is to preserve and improve the physical and mental health of all patients.

We provide health care industry with full proof solutions like versatile, robust database system to store their classified clinical, non-clinical information regarding providers, physicians, patients and beneficiaries in a secured way.


Communication plays a vital role in our daily life as it is an efficient means of transmitting information. The invention of smart-phones have drawn the globe closer and made communication smoother and easier as compared to what used to be a decade ago. By just clicking an app on the smart phone one is able to chat with family, friends as the demographical distance is not a limitation anymore. Similarly texting messages, video conferencing, international and local calling services and sharing pictures facilities are available due to progress in communication industry.

We provide robust solutions to build the next generation telecom systems using best technical processes and cost effective solutions.

Retail Industry

It is broadly classified into shopping at malls, super-stores, portals, online shopping, television advertising, media promotions and email/call ordering. The objective is increment in terms of sales of goods, products and an exuberant shopping experience to the consumer. The biggest hassle of retail industry is lack of customer service available to the trendy, needy consumers/shopaholics regarding their queries about the information of product, catalogs quality and warranty periods. DC Global Technologies addresses these challenges of the Retail industry by providing sound cost effective solutions.